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Refrigeration and air conditioning

We work with all models and brands of refrigeration, ventilation, exhaust, heating and air conditioning equipment



Commercial air conditioning

  • PEV specializes in HVAC, mechanical exhaust and ventilation projects, and air conditioning systems. Preventive and corrective maintenance and implementation of the Operation and Control Maintenance Plan (PMOC)

  • We are installers for the largest air conditioning retailers and manufacturers,  we ensure efficiency and guarantee of our services.

  • Our experience in retrofit processes and throughout the hydraulic pumps, cooling towers and chilled water systems segment ensures the excellent service we deliver to our diverse customers.

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Industrial maintenence

Our Industrial Maintenance Team has a wide range of operations in various market segments such as the food, beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, energy, among others, using various technologies, including actions and projects for installation, operation and maintenance of equipment and machines industrial, respecting technical, environmental and quality standards. 


Services and Equipment 

  • Central Air Conditioning (direct and indirect expansion)

  • Pipeline network fabrication

  • Exhaust/Ventilation

  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration 

  • Assembly of metallic structures for cold chamber

  • Installation and Maintenance of Split, Fan-coil, Chiller  

Assembly of Refrigeration Equipment

  • Fixing the units Evaporators and Condensers

  • Unit connection piping

  • Electrical part of the condensing unit

  • Electrical part of the evaporator unit

  • Installation and connection of the control panel

  • Installation of the lighting part

  • Coolant charge,

  • controller configuration,

  • Machine startup.

Assembly of Thermal Insulation

  • Installation of Refrigerator Panels,

  • Floor insulation,

  • Installation of Refrigerator Door,

  • Installation of finishing accessories,

  • General sealing of the cold room.

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Works and Renovations

Specialists for each area of Civil Construction

To your house         to your condo         For your company           for your industry     

Construction & Renovations

  • If not to inspire, it is not a work or reform by PEV Serviços. This is the criterion that moves us day after day. Whether in architecture, construction, incorporation of works or implementation of cutting-edge technologies, we always want to inspire people to live unique experiences, building innovative spaces that encourage creativity and the sharing of ideas, increasing productivity, regardless of the size of the company.

  • What we agree with our customers in the initial phase of work guides us through to delivery. Our expertise is also in prevention. After all, there is nothing more inspiring than knowing that there will be no unpleasant surprises with deadline, budget, or quality at any stage of the process.  This commitment to excellence and the perfection of details makes PEV Serviços responsible for preparing and executing projects  for different market players.

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High standard renovations

Thought-provoking, architecture transforms spaces into living organisms, capable of causing the most varied sensations and influencing attitudes. PEV Serviços uses all of its technical expertise to ensure that its projects and renovations inspire everyone around, using the spaces intelligently so that these spaces generate good sensations and reflect the personality of each client.


Works and Renovations 

  • Execution of Engineering and Architecture Works

  • Real Estate Renovation in General

  • Painting and Finishing

  • Roof Construction and Renovation

  • Waterproofing Services

  • Locksmith, Joinery and Glazing Services

Building maintenance

  • Revitalization of Facades

  • Laying Floors, Ceramics and Coatings

  • Gutter Installation and Maintenance

  • Fire fighting system

  • Installation of Automatic Doors, Windows and Gates

  • Building Hydraulics

  • Building Electric

  • Reinforcement of Concrete Structures

  • Construction and Renovation of Swimming Pools

Finishes and Coatings

  • Works with Plaster and Drywall

  • Works with Texture and Burnt Cement

  • Porcelain Application

  • Designed Furniture

  • Installation of Laminate and Vinyl Floors 

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We want to be by your side in the energy transition

More than a solar energy supplier, we are partners.


This is our posture, our sincere, active, flexible and close commitment to you. In search of a common cause, sustainability with profitability.

We carry out the transformations of your energy ecosystem, to allow your business to consume

less and better.

Our mission is to provide our customers with sustainable energy solutions, making their energy transition real, efficient and profitable, allowing them to act with top priority in their specialties.






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