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The choices we make today will secure our future. We are an organization in transformation and we are evolving every day to make PEV a stronger, safer, more helpful, efficient, supportive and sustainable company. 


We create opportunities
and we invest in people

Our Compliance Program has well-established pillars to guide PEV's business conduct, reflecting the company's commitment to managing business with integrity, solidity, transparency and ethical standards.

The provisions of this Policy apply

to all operations of PEV Serviços, subjecting all employees, even if outsourced or correspondents who provide relevant services to the company.

Assinando um contrato


Social responsability

The Social Responsibility Policy is responsible for ensuring that the workplaces where the PEV is present are managed with a human eye, in a fair and safe way for everyone.

Integration Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide information regarding the rules, standards and procedures, which are necessary for all employees who are joining PEV Serviços


Deo Omnis Gloria +

ESG (Ensurance, Social, Governement)
Conselho Regional de Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Certificado de Marca PEV Serviços
Selo Empresa Limpa
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